People today are concerned about the environment, keeping this in mind; the student s of St. Joseph's Convent formed an Eco-Club in the year 2003. The motto of this club being- 'Green is Clean'.The students organise themselves, under the guidance of the club-co-ordinators Ms Goretti,Ms Eugenie,Ms Teresa,Ms Subba, Ms Arati to learn more about the environment and to help conserve the environment.

The club has an elected Executive Board which comprise of the President, The Vice President, The Secretary, The Treasurer and five members in the advisory Board. The members pay membership fees to help the club meet requirements necessary for its growth.

The green ambassadors of the Eco Club pledge to work to make the environment safe and friendly. The school campus is kept clean and fines are imposed by way of 'Earth Tax' on offenders who pollute the campus. Many competitions are sponsored by the club to enhance the all round development of the students. Social Service plays an important role in the agenda of the Club. Supporting economically underprivileged children is one o the main aims of the Club.

Issues concerning our environment like water management, natural disasters, and pollution are the main concern of the Club. Though the going is sometimes difficult, the energetic members of the Club make it a point to 'save our environment'.