The literary club was established in the year 2003, under the guidance of our then Principal, Rev. Sister Emelda Sherpa.The club aspires to develop a culture of love and respect towards all things having literary value. The club also aims to enable its members to become socially conscious citizens by encouraging them to organize, support
and participate in socially uplifting tasks.

Since 2003, the club members along with its co ordinators; Mrs Karma Samdup,Ms Pratima Das and Ms Roseline Simick, have been involved in the following activities ( at some point of time or the other) over the years since its inception:

* Organising essay/ poetry writing competition on international womens day and sponsoring prizes for the winners
* Publishing a leaflet "Josephites voice" in the year 2007
* Visiting the old age home/orphanage at 8th mile and sponsoring a weeks supply of essential commodities.
*Visiting the animal shelter at Bong Busty and sponsoring a weeks supply of dogs food and biscuits
*Visiting an art exhibition held at 'The Himalayan trust for natural history art' at Kalimpong
*Field trip to Himalayan mountaineering institute and Pamaja Naidu Himalayan zoological park, Darjeeling.
*Organising a sterialisation camp at 12th mile, Kalimpong, during which Dr Pandey (vetenarian) and his team operated on 19 dogs and also gave free anti rabies injection to more than 20 dogs. The club sponsored lunch for the vet and his team
*The club also purchased a boom box with the club money to be used during practice for functions
*The club members raised funds by selling food items on some days of the week
*The funds collected by the club is used for making small contributions , to help some deserving underprivileged students; help poor patients with medical expenses' sponsor prizes for interclass , interhouse competitions

Like the previous years, the literary club members advances into the future with optimism and the hope that their efforts make a difference, for after all, "to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield" is what the literary club members always aim for.