Rules of the School
1. Enrolment in St. Joseph's Convent implies, on the part of the pupils and parents, willingness
to comply with the rules and regulations of the School.
2. The School year begins in mid February or little later and ends in November.
3. Date of birth once recorded at admission cannot be changed.
4. Pupils are to be in School at 8:10am punctually. Late arrivals get their School diaries signed by the Headmistress. School closes at 3:00pm.
5. (a) Parents record reasons for their child's lack of punctuality or absences in the Regularity Record section of the School diary with their signatures
(b) Excuse for absence and late attendance should not be made by phone but in writing in the diary.
6. (a) Pupils absent on the first day of a term or absent for five days in succession without
permission may have their names removed from the register.
(b) After an illness a pupil must produce a doctor's certificate stating that she is fit is to join
7. Parents are expected to co-operate with the School by enforcing regularity, observing only holidays indicated in the diary, they should check the diary regularly for remarks by the teachers regarding academic progress, behaviour, neglect of home assignments and for the weekly unit Test result.
8. Pupils who are absent from examinations for any reasons whatsoever, will not be re-examined. Marks obtained in the weekly, terminal and final examination will determine
promotion. However, no child will be promoted on an incomplete report card, except in the following conditions;-
i. Relevant document have been submitted for reasons of absence.
ii.The pupil concerned has an overall aggregate of 75% in her other tests.
9. The decision of the School authority with regard to promotion is final.
10. Students who fail for two consecutive years cannot remain in the School, as also those who fail in two consecutive classes.
11. Parents/ Guardians must see that their ward gives the same amount of time to study every day whether written homework is set or not. Remarks in the column should be countersigned by parents.
12. The School diary is a personal record of the student. It should be taken to School daily. If lost, it must be replaced. Pupils are themselves responsible for the safe custody of their books and other belongings. Each article should be marked with the pupil's name, class and section.
13. (a) All pupils are to come to School neatly dressed in the School uniform. Jewellrey and fancy ornaments are not permitted. (b) Elaborate hair styles are not allowed. Loose flowing hair or pony tails are unacceptable.
14. (a) Pupils may not leave the School premises during the School hours without the written authorization from the Headmistress. (b) Pupils should be on the School compound during recesses.
15. The School is not responsible for any pupil before and after School hours.
16. No books, periodicals or newspapers of an objectionable nature shall be brought into the school.
17. A calendar month's notice is to be given or a month's fees paid before a pupils is withdrawn from the School. A calendar month counts from the first to the end of the month.
18. (a) Any damage done to School property must be replaced or paid for by the pupil concerned.
(b) Pupils who show a lack of respect, who neglect studies, damage the good name of the School, or fail in any way to keep the School rules are liable to be dismissed with or without
notice. Our School discipline is kind but necessarily firm. Parents/ Guardians are expected to accept, respect and abide by the disciplinary measures taken by the School.
19. Parents are requested not to discuss School matters with any teacher during School hours. Parents who want information or wish to discuss any problems relating to the School, should contact the Headmistress ( not the class teacher ) at the appointed time i.e. 3: 00 - 4: 00 pm on School days only. On Sunday and holidays no business matters can be discussed.
20. All fees are to be paid by the 15th of each month. Add Rs. 10/- on all outstation cheques.
21. The School reserves the right to increase fees at time, even during the Scholastic year, if an increment is deemed necessary.
22. English will be spoken at all times on the School premises.
23. Complete silence must be observed in the School Library at all times. All Library books musk be handled with utmost care and returned within the stipulated time.
24. Parents are requested to keep children at home, who feel feverish or otherwise ill, even if it means missing a test.